Stop interests. They finance their repair
Stop interests. They finance their repair
Solar projects

In Solartest offer a comprehensive service and accompany each of the steps of your project.

If you need to know the viability of your project installation by a previous study, having a project executive for the license and approval of the administration and a project manager who always verify that complies, call 's.

Feasibility studies and preliminary

Because we know the viability of your project with a previous study in which we indicate the necessary investment, profitability and energy savings.

Project development executive

Once you decide to perform the installation of solar energy executive produce the project in order to present it, along with other documents, the Administration or competent body to obtain the license and approval.Throughout the process, helping them to accompany Solartest the necessary advice and help you in each of the procedures.

Site management of construction projects

Once approved the Project Executive, proceed to the control and supervision of tasks to ensure proper installation and quality.

A project manager takes on the project and verifies that each stage is met not only the rules but also the highest quality demanded by Solartest. Make checks real concerted visits and tailored to the needs. At the end of the project, makes a final check to confirm that everything is perfect.

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