Stop interests. They finance their repair
Stop interests. They finance their repair
Installation of Solar Energy

We have a team with extensive experience in designing solar installations, commissioning and maintenance for the use of solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy.

An installation of Solar Thermal Energy and Photovoltaic need for qualified and experienced professionals. Solartest offers solutions for installation, plus advice, information and constant support in every step.

Implementation and installation of new and old farm build-

Alternatively, Solartest is responsible for the complete realization of the installation.For this, we have a network of installers who collaborate permanently, which allows facilities of all kinds of complexity and size.

Audit of facilities in operation

If your installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic is not working properly or the performance is not optimal to Solartest can help. Through scheduled visits, the diagnosis of the state of the facility to find out what is causing your problem and determine the necessary corrective actions. With agreed budgets and closed.

In addition, we have specific equipment and spare, in case you have to perform a new piece, there we a going forward because the installation continues to operate without stopping at any time.

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